Computing Services

The Institute for Computational and Data Sciences provides high-performance computing solutions through the Advanced CyberInfrastructure (ICDS-ACI) system. ICDS-ACI is Penn State’s high-performance research cloud. Here, you’ll find all the tools that you need to get an account and perform your research with ICDS-ACI compute and storage resources.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Completely new to ICDS-ACI? Find information that will help you start using the system.

Account Setup

To access ICDS-ACI, you’ll need an ICDS account. Start your account request process here.

Service Details

Learn more about the access models for using ICDS-ACI, including rates, computing and storage options, and requirements.

ICDS-ACI User Guide

Consult our user guide to learn how to perform tasks on ICDS-ACI system on how to log in to ICDS-ACI, transfer files, submit jobs, and much more.



ICDS maintains a diverse software stack of commonly-used research applications. View our current stack and learn about how to request additions.

System Specifications

Find technical details on our processing cores, storage systems, interconnects, and performance.

Support (i-ASK Center)

Our i-ASK experts help you solve issues with using ICDS-ACI.


ICDS-ACI Policies

Review the fair and open ICDS-ACI policies regarding users, user data, support and service levels.

ICS Domain Experts

RISE Consultants

Get customized help for your HPC research from an expert in your scientific field.


ICDS-ACI Training Resources

Need training to to use our ICDS-ACI systems more effectively? Interested in learning more about HPC? ICDS has resources to help you gain the skills you need.