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Workshop on Knowledge Guided Machine Learning (KGML)

Date: Tuesday, August 18


Location: Online

Registration deadline: Aug 11, 2020. Registration is free! First-come-first serve (500 slots).

This workshop is part of a 2-year conceptualization project funded by the NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) program involving researchers from the University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, Penn State, Colorado State University, and the University of Virginia. This project aims to develop a framework that uses the unique capability of data science models to automatically learn patterns and models from data, without ignoring the treasure of accumulated scientific knowledge. Specifically, the project builds the foundations of knowledge-guided machine learning (KGML) by exploring several ways of bringing scientific knowledge and machine learning models together using pilot applications from four domains: aquatic ecodynamics, climate and weather, hydrology, and translational biology. For more information, please see the project website.

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