ICDS Virtual Symposium 2020

ICDS Symposium 2020 Poster Submission

Please follow these instructions to successfully upload your poster.

Deadline: Submit your finalized poster by September 21 using the form below to qualify for the ICDS Symposium Poster Exhibition.

Size and Format: Posters must be submitted in .PPT format, with embedded audio narration, and must be 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

Audio: All posters must include embedded audio narration that provides an overview of your research project, similar to an elevator pitch. How would you describe your research to a judge at an in-person poster session? Audio should be no longer than 5 minutes total.

  • For assistance with embedding audio in your PowerPoint file, refer to Microsoft’s official documentation.
  • Once you have recorded your audio, please play it back on your computer in presentation mode to ensure it plays properly.

Naming Your File: Title the filename of your poster “YOUR LAST NAME-PSUID_Symposium2020” (for example, “Johnson-esj500_Symposium2020.pdf”)

Description Field: When you use the upload widget below, you will see an option to list a description. Please enter your full name there.

Make Sure Your File Uploads! When you click the “Upload” button, please wait until you see a “Success!” screen in the widget below before navigating to a different page.