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Data Visualization Workshops

Do you want to gain a larger audience for your research, have a better way to explore and validate data, and have the ability to see your data from different perspectives? ICDS offers a series of Data Visualization Workshops to help you learn how to use and present your data more effectively. Attend a live session or view one of our recorded sessions.

Many of the discussions will be centered on the development of D3.js (Data-Driven Documents) projects, an open-source JavaScript library to create static and dynamic vector graphics (ideal for publications). Beginners are welcome!


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Recorded Sessions

Intro to Developing D3.js Projects (1:14:22)

Data Visualization Workshop: Let’s Make a Map and Network Graph! (1:07:42)

Data Visualization Workshop: Computational Essays (51:06)

Data Visualization Workshop: Going Beyond Graphics (1:19:56)

Data Visualization Workshop: From Start to Finish (1:05:07)