Resources for Researchers

Data Visualization Workshops

Do you want to gain a larger audience for your research, have a better way to explore and validate data, and have the ability to see your data from different perspectives? ICDS offers a series of Data Visualization Workshops to help you learn how to use and present your data more effectively. Attend a live session or view one of our recorded sessions.

Many of the discussions will be centered on the development of D3.js (Data-Driven Documents) projects, an open-source JavaScript library to create static and dynamic vector graphics (ideal for publications). Beginners are welcome!

Live Sessions

Live sessions are typically offered in person on the last Monday of the month, with a Zoom-only session offered the next day at the same time. In-person workshops are held in 101 Althouse Lab, 4-5:30 p.m.


More dates TBA

Recorded Sessions

Intro to Developing D3.js Projects (1:14:22)

Data Visualization Workshop: Let’s Make a Map and Network Graph! (1:07:42)

Data Visualization Workshop: Computational Essays (51:06)

Data Visualization Workshop: Going Beyond Graphics (1:19:56)

Data Visualization Workshop: From Start to Finish (1:05:07)