Computing Services

ICDS Innovation Infrastructure

The ICDS Innovation Infrastructure (I3) environment provides an opportunity for Penn State researchers to partner with ICDS to investigate whether cutting-edge cyberinfrastructure is suitable for a given HPC/data science application. The primary goal of the I3 environment is research and development of new infrastructure serving the needs of Penn State researchers. Researchers using I3 will be assessing the value of the I3 resources for future deployments. This may result in having temporary access to a limited set of “free” computing resources.

ICDS and faculty members can use the tools in the environment to:

  • Evaluate future cyberinfrastructure solutions
  • Inform future procurement for the Roar system

The I^3 environment is not a production environment, and it is not part of the Roar system.

How to request access to systems in I3

Researchers need to make special requests to access each I3 subsystem. Access is granted on a case-by-case basis for a limited period of time. Contact Chuck Pavloski ( or Derek Leydig ( for more information.

Systems Included in I3

I3 currently has two test systems. If you would like ICDS to investigate adding a new system to the environment, please contact Chuck Pavloski or Derek Leydig.

SystemIntended UseTechnical Specifications
IBM Power System AC922Training AI, ML, and deep learning modelsCPU: POWER9, Altivec supported; Clock: 3800MHz; Revision: 2.2 (pvr 004e 1202)

64 Physical Cores (2x32)

1.2 TB RAM

4x Tesla V100-SXM2 with NVLink

Command line access

IBM Watson AI/ML/DL (GUI) access
Intel-Dell Cascade Lake – Optane TestbedApplications that require high memory2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6142 CPU @ 2.60GHz - 32 total cores

Total of 1.5 TB DDR RAM and Optane Memory

Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.2 (Ootpa)

Command line access