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Roar Training Series

ICDS offers a series of training sessions on using the Roar supercomputer, formerly known as ICDS-ACI. New and experienced users alike can learn to use the system and discover HPC best practices. The series offers hands-on tutorials taught by ICDS engineers and researchers.

Session NameTopics CoveredRequirements
New User TrainingHow to connect to the system; the different Roar architectures; using Linux; navigating the file system and software stack; getting help; Moving data to/from Roar; allocation usage and topography for jobs; batch job submission scripting; how to run a simple job; archival storageICDS account and laptop required
Getting Your Software Running on RoarCompiling basic codes; Compilation automation with 'Make'; Linking to system libraries; Automatic optimizations; Using Singularity; User level package management with Conda and Spack; "Best" practices; How to compile and run a simple serial and parallel (MPI) job in batch modeICDS account and laptop required
Intermediate HPC TrainingVersion control; compilation automation; diagnosing bottlenecks; scaling studies; basic optimization techniques; I/O managementICDS account and laptop required; attendees should be able to submit and run jobs on the cluster and compile simple codes

Upcoming Training Sessions

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Session Videos

Watch our recordings of previous Roar trainings.

1: System Basics

2: Submitting your First Job

3: Intro to HPC Computing

4: Intermediate HPC