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Roar Collab User Guide

Roar Collab is the newest high performance research computing cluster managed by ICDS. Designed with collaboration in mind, the Roar Collab environment will allow for more frequent software updates and hardware upgrades to keep pace with researchers’ changing needs.

Still in its early stages, Roar Collab is currently only available “by invitation” so that we may ensure its limited resources not oversubscribed. As new resources are added, Roar Collab will become available to more users. Learn more about our plans for expanding this resource here.

Want to be an Early Adopter? Contact Us!

Given the limited compute resources now available, access to Roar Collab is currently by invitation only. Are you interested in being an early adopter of the new Roar Collab cluster? Tell us a bit about your computing needs and we’ll be in touch.