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Converting from PBS to Slurm

Slurm’s commands and scheduler directives can be mapped to and from PBS/Torque commands and scheduler directives. To convert any PBS/Torque scripts and/or workflows to Slurm, the commands and scheduler directives should be swapped out and reconfigured. See the table below for the mapping of some common commands and scheduler directives:


Action PBS/Torque Command Slurm Command
Submit a batch job qsub sbatch
Request an interactive job qsub -I salloc
Cancel a job qdel scancel
Check job status qstat squeue
Check job status for specific user qstat -u <user> squeue -u <user>
Hold a job qhold scontrol hold
Release a job qrls scontrol release


Resource Request PBS/Torque Directive Slurm Directive
Directive designator #PBS #SBATCH
Number of nodes -l nodes -N or --nodes
Number of CPUs -l ppn -n or --ntasks
Amount of memory -l mem --mem or --mem-per-cpu
Walltime -l walltime -t or --time
Compute account -A -A or --account


For a more complete list of command, scheduler directive, and option comparisons, see the Slurm Rosetta Stone.