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Using Software

The software stack on Roar Collab (RC) provides a wide variety of software to the entire user community. There are two software stacks available on RC.
  • System software stack: contains software that is available to all users by default upon logging into the system without a need to load anything
  • Central software stack: contains software that is available to all users by default, but the software modules must be loaded in order to access them.


The central software stack uses Lmod to package the available software. Lmod is a useful tool for managing user software environments using environment modules that can be dynamically added or removed using module files. Lmod is hierarchical, so sub-modules can be nested under a module that is dependent upon. Lmod alters environment variables, most notably the $PATH variable, in order to make certain software packages reachable by the user environment.  

Useful Lmod Commands

Command Description
module avail List all modules that are available to be loaded
module show <module_name> Show the contents of a module
module spider <module_name> Search the module space for a match
module load <module_name> Load module(s)
module load <module>/<version> Load a module of a specific version
module unload <module_name> Unload module(s)
module list List all currently loaded modules
module purge Unload all currently loaded modules
module use <path> Add a path to $MODULEPATH to expand module scope
module unuse <path> Remove a path from $MODULEPATH
  The central software stack is available to the user environment by default since the $MODULEPATH environment variable is set and contains the central software stack location. Modules can be directly loaded with  
$ module load <package>
  To see the available software modules, use  
$ module avail