Artificial Intelligence Research at Penn State

Throughout Penn State’s colleges and campuses, scientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate their work, discover new insights, and expand their research’s impact on society. To coordinate these wide-ranging AI projects and efforts, Penn State launched the AI Hub in 2021. To facilitate this, a national search is under way for the inaugural faculty director for the initiative.

Penn State’s AI Hub is designed to bring together researchers and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, deepening connections among research thrusts. By broadening awareness of AI research at Penn State, the initiative seeks to increase the competitiveness of Penn State across AI research, whether using machine learning, deep learning, or other AI-related tools or instruments. The hub will provide seed grant funding, identify areas of future AI research, and strengthen grant proposals for major external opportunities.

The AI Hub will also serve as an entry point for any Penn State researcher. Those interested in working with AI or looking for collaborators with expertise in AI can contact the director as an entry point. The AI Hub is supported by the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences and the Social Science Research Institute.

AI Hub: Connecting AI Research Centers and Initiatives

Penn State has three AI research centers led by Penn State faculty:

Industry/University AI Partnerships

Recognizing that industry must partner in AI research that will lead to transformative impacts throughout society, ICDS launched the Center for Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Industry (AIMI) research center. AIMI allows industry partners to invest in Penn State AI-related research while also helping to steer the direction of funded research.