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Connecting to Roar Collab

Users can connect to RC either through the RC Portal ( or via an ssh connection to the host.

Using the Roar Collab Open OnDemand Portal

Users can connect to RC through the RC Portal powered by Open OnDemand. Open OnDemand is an NSF-funded, open-source HPC portal that provides users with a simple graphical web interface to HPC resources. Users can submit and monitor jobs, manage files, and run applications using just a web browser. The RC Portal offers many familiar graphical development environments including JupyterLab, RStudio, and software-specific GUIs.

The Portal features multiple built-in tools which can be accessed via the top menu bar on the Portal:

  • Apps: Lists all available Portal apps
  • Files: Provides a convenient graphical file manager and lists primary accessible file locations
  • Jobs: Lists active jobs and allows use of the Job Composer
  • Clusters: Provides shell access to submit nodes on RC
  • Interactive Apps: Provides access to all the Portal interactive apps and interactive servers
  • User Tools: Provides access to the User Filesystem Quotas display
  • My Interactive Sessions: Lists any active sessions


Connecting via ssh

Those who prefer to utilize only the command line environment can connect using Secure Shell (SSH).

Through the terminal on macOS or Linux or the command prompt on Windows, users can connect using the following command:


$ ssh <userid>


To connect, an RC account linked to an active Penn State access account user ID and password is required. By default, port 22 is used for secure shell connections. A password must be entered and then multi-factor authentication must be completed successfully to complete the login.



The connection to the system is made with a submit node. Submit nodes are
configured primarily to handle incoming user connections and non-intensive computational tasks like editing small files. To perform computational tasks, compute resources must be used. See Submitting Jobs for more details.