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ICDS Symposium


Save the Date! The Fall 2024 ICDS Symposium will be held on October 24th and 25th 2024, in the HUB Alumni Hall!

Past ICDS Symposia

Theme: Discovery to Impact: Storytelling with Data Learn more

Theme: Data Science, AI, and a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future

Fall 2022

Advances in data science and artificial intelligence have led to new scientific discoveries and transformative applications nearly everywhere in daily life. However, algorithmic and data-centered techniques may indirectly lead to undesirable solutions such as implicit bias, unfairness, or opaque results, which could in turn have a negative impact on society. 

Theme: The Future of Digital Fairness

Fall 2021

Digital fairness is a crucial consideration for any scientist who relies on computation. Who owns artificial intelligence models and who owns the data in those models? What biases are unintentionally embedded in the models? How transparent are the data manipulation processes? How reproducible are the results? The answer to these questions could have a myriad of impacts on both the science being conducted and the communities that could potentially benefit from these investigations. Learn more

Theme: Harnessing the Data Revolution to Enhance Diversity

Spring 2021

Data science techniques have revolutionized many scientific disciplines, enabling new insight and discoveries. This Symposium will explore the intersection of data science and diversity with a goal of enhancing diversity and inclusion. To achieve this, multiple communities will be brought together — from data scientists, to industry leaders, to academics working across disciplines — who are interested in laying the groundwork for a future in which big data and artificial intelligence are utilized to achieve equity. Learn more

Theme: The Data Deluge: Opportunities and Challenges

Fall 2020

From probing the mysteries of outer space, and searching for medical treatments, to measuring the effects of social trends, and sealing up harmful privacy breeches, Penn State researchers are both studying the powerful impact of big data on science and society, and using big data to power their own investigations. To help researchers contend with the challenges — and the opportunities — of this data deluge, ICDS organized a two-day symposium focused on big data. Learn more

Theme: AI & Machine Learning in Science and Society

Spring 2019

With advances in computational science, researchers are finding new solutions to major societal problems. This one-day conference focused on on innovative computational research across a diverse set of disciplines. The symposium aimed to connect researchers to potential industry partners, funding agencies, and collaborators.

Theme: Harnessing the Power of Data

Spring 2018

In today’s society, data is being collected everywhere, all the time — from your phone, from your car, in hospitals, in the workplace. Data has the potential to solve major social problems. But to make sense of such massive quantities of data, researchers must find innovative methods to gather and process it. To explore cutting-edge data science methods and applications, ICDS hosted “Symposium 2018: Harnessing the Power of Data,” a one-day conference on computational and data science.