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Artificial Intelligence meets Neuroscience Series

Date: Monday, February 14 — Monday, February 21

Time: 12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m.

Location: Online

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Foundations and Engineered Systems (CAFE) is hosting a weeklong series of seminars showcasing research at the intersection of AI, computer science, neuroscience, and electrical engineering.

Artificial Intelligence meets Neuroscience: CAFÉ Distinguished Lecture Series

AI systems have made rapid progress in achieving parity with or even exceeding human performance in specialized tasks, most impressively in extracting visual information from images through object detection, classification, and caption generation. Nevertheless, performance still lags humans and even lower animals in otherwise basic tasks that involve novelty and generalization: handling unanticipated tasks and new environments, learning rapidly without supervision, deducing the unobserved, and anticipating likely outcomes. This lecture series focuses on efforts at the intersection of AI and human cognition towards a better understanding of cognition in the brain and applying that understanding to designing cognitive AI systems. The lecture series will feature neuroscience, computer science and electrical engineering experts.  The lecture series is open to the public.

All seminars will be held from Noon to 1:00 p.m. EST. 

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Feb 14

“Re-Engineering Computing with Neuro-Inspired Learning: Algorithms, Circuits, and Systems”
Kaushik Roy, Edward G. Tiedemann, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Feb 15

“Memory, Cognition, and the Role of Sleep”
Matthew Wilson, Sherman Fairchild Professor in Neurobiology, MIT

Feb 16

“Neuroscience-Inspired Machine Learning”
Laurent Itti, Professor of Computer Science, Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Southern California Viterbi School

Feb 17

“Diminishing Returns with Deep Neural Networks”
Mehrdad Mahdavi, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, Penn State

Feb 18

“Vision and Language Understanding”
Huijuan Xu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, Penn State

Feb 21

“Sound Symbolism and Its Neural Basis”
Krishnankutty Sathian, Professor of Neurology, Neural & Behavioral Sciences, and Psychology and Director, Neuroscience Institute, Penn State

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