Internships and Assistantships

HPC Opportunities for Penn State Students

Are you a talented, goal-oriented graduate or undergraduate student with interests in high-performance computing (HPC) and scientific software applications? Come intern with ICDS. Our interns work on projects that matter to Penn State researchers, from astronomers to geneticists to zoologists. You’ll get a chance to show off your technical skills and gain golden experience providing real solutions to real problems. If you want to work in a environment where you will be constantly challenged and helped to grow, check out an internship with ICDS.

What kinds of internships does ICS offer?

We often seek graduate assistants and interns to assist our Operations team in running our i-ASK Center help desk. These interns answer questions that Penn State researchers may have while using the Roar supercomputer, and may also produce documentation about the system. We also incorporate interns into our communications team to assist with web content generation, marketing, graphic design, and social media. The types of internships ICDS has open vary from semester to semester.

Sorry, currently there are no available positions.