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Introducing the New “Roar Collab” High Performance Computing Cluster from ICDS

What is Roar Collab?

Roar Collab is the newest high performance research computing cluster managed by ICDS. Designed with collaboration in mind, the Roar Collab environment will allow for more frequent software updates and hardware upgrades to keep pace with researchers’ changing needs.

In time, Roar Collab will become the flagship cluster for Penn State researchers. The Roar cluster will remain but will be dedicated to serving the small portion of researchers who must comply with the stringent NIST 800-171 data storage standards.

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When Will I Transition to Roar Collab?

  • Roar Collab resources are expanding quickly and ICDS account administrators are transitioning PI groups daily.
  • By Spring semester 2023 Roar Collab capacity will be roughly equal to Roar.
  • By Fall 2023, only those who require NIST 800-171 Roar resources will continue to utilize the Roar cluster. All others must transition to Roar Collab.

Spring 2023

By Spring 2023 most Roar users will need to migrate to Roar Collab.


As Roar Collab grows, only those users who require NIST compliant storage will utilize Roar.

Quick Start User Guide for Roar Collab

New users can access this Roar Collab User Guide to answer the most fundamental questions about accessing and utilizing this exciting new resource.

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