CENSAI faculty represent a large swath of Penn State’s diversity of researchers, coming from nine colleges, twenty-one departments, and two campuses.

Faculty Affiliates


Sarah Assmann

  • Waller Professor of Biology

Department: Department of Biology

Email: sma3@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Cell signaling, RNA structure-function relationships, natural variation in plant abiotic stress responses, CRISPR approaches to crop improvement, plant biology

Website: Visit Sarah's Website



Philip Bevilacqua

  • Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Email: pcb5@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Biological, Physical, and Biophysical Sciences; Bio Structure/Function; Chemical Biology; Enzymology

Website: Visit Philip's Website



Gerd Brunner

  • Associate Professor of Medicine

Email: gerdbrunner@psu.edu

Website: Visit Gerd's Website


Orfeu Buxton


Orfeu Buxton

  • Professor of Biobehavioral Health
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Biobehavioral Health

Email: omb104@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Causes of sleep deficiency, health consequences of sleep deficiency, biomarkers

Website: Visit Orfeu's Website


Long Qing Chen


Long-Qing Chen

  • Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • ICDS Affiliate

Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Email: lqc3@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Computational materials science at the mesoscale; phase-field method for materials microstructure evolution and materials design; thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transitions, domain structures and electrical/mechanical/magnetic couplings in nanoferroelectrics and multiferroics; alloy phase transformations, including order-disorder, phase separation, and martensitic transformations; grain growth in thin films and bulk systems; precipitate morphologies; Ostwald ripening; interactions between defect and phase microstructures; multiscale modeling; computational materials design

Website: Visit Long-Qing's Website



Keith Cheng

  • Distinguished Professor of Pathology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Pharmacology
  • ICDS Co-Hire

Department: Pathology

Email: kcheng@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Cancer genetics, genomic instability, cell differentiation, genetics of human pigmentation, web-based zebrafish atlas, image informatics, SNP database analysis

Website: Visit Keith's Website


Guangqing Chi


Guangqing Chi

  • Professor of Rural Sociology and Demography and Public Health Sciences
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education

Email: gchi@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Climate change, land use, and community resilience; critical infrastructure/transportation, population change, and population health within the smart cities framework; computational and spatial analysis; spatial demography

Website: Visit Guangqing's Website



Vernon Chinchilli

  • Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences

Email: vchinchi@psu.edu

Website: Visit Vernon's Website



Michele Diaz

  • Director of Human Imaging at the Social, Life, and Engineering Sciences, Imaging Center
  • Professor of Psychology, Linguistics, & Neuroscience

Email: mtd143@psu.edu

Research Focuses: relations between the brain and behavior, semantic and phonological aspects of language comprehension and production, age-related differences in language

Website: Visit Michele's Website



Ethan Fang

  • Assistant Professor of Statistics

Email: xxf13@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Machine learning

Website: Visit Ethan's Website


Giles Lee Web


C. Lee Giles

  • Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Professor of Supply Chain and Information Systems
  • Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
  • ICDS Affiliate

Department: College of Information Sciences and Technology

Email: giles@ist.psu.edu

Research Focuses: Information retrieval, knowledge extraction and management, and data mining, both for large and small data and information resources

Website: Visit C. Lee's Website



Santhosh Girirajan

  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

Email: sxg47@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Neurobiology, genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders

Website: Visit Santhosh's Website



Corina Graif

  • Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology
  • Research Associate, Population Research Institute

Email: corina.graif@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Communities and Crime, Neighborhood Effects on Health, Spatial Stratification and Mobility

Website: Visit Corina's Website



Molly Hall

  • Assistant Professor of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Email: mah546@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Genomics, Human Genetics, Exposome, Genetic Interactions (Epistasis), Gene-Environment Interactions, Complex Disease, Precision Medicine, Biomedical Informatics, Metabolomics

Website: Visit Molly's Website



Frank Hillary

  • Associate Head, Department of Psychology
  • Professor of Psychology

Email: fgh3@psu.edu

Research Focuses: In my lab we use behavioral, brain imaging, and genetic measurements to understand patient outcome in severe neurotrauma. We incorporate network neuroscience approaches including structural and functional connectomics to understand the affects of injury and aging on neural system plasticity over the life span. Also, as part of an international consortium for data sharing and team science (see ENIGMA) our work focuses on large scale data sharing and harmonization and open science.

Website: Visit Frank's Website


Vasant Honavar


Vasant Honavar

  • Professor and Edward Frymoyer Chair of Information Sciences and Technology
  • Associate Director, Institute for Computational and Data Sciences
  • ICDS Co-Hire

Department: Information Sciences and Technology

Email: vuh14@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, big data analytics, bioinformatics and computational molecular and systems biology, discovery informatics, knowledge representation and semantic web, applied information integration and informatics

Website: Visit Vasant's Website



Daning Huang

  • Assistant Professor

Department: Aerospace Engineering

Email: daning@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics; Structural Dynamics and Adaptive Structures; Vehicle Systems Engineering

Website: Visit Daning's Website



Sharon Huang

  • Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
  • ICDS Associate

Email: suh972@ist.psu.edu

Research Focuses: Her research interests are in the areas of biomedical image analysis, computer vision, and machine learning, focusing on methods for object recognition, image segmentation, image synthesis, registration/matching, tracking, skeletonization, computer-assisted diagnosis and intervention. Her broader interests include computer graphics, artificial intelligence, data mining, biomedical informatics, HCI, and visualization.

Website: Visit Sharon's Website


Kandermir Mahmut


Mahmut Kandemir

  • Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Director of Graduate Affairs
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Computer Science and Engineering

Email: kandemir@cse.psu.edu

Research Focuses: Embedded systems, programming languages, compilers, power-aware computing, dependable computing, input/output systems

Website: Visit Mahmut's Website


Soundar Kumara


Soundar Kumara

Department: Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering

Email: skumara@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Intelligent systems, sensor data representation and fusion, process data monitoring and diagnostics; smart manufacturing; graph analytics; big data analytics

Website: Visit Soundar's Website



Robert Lennon

  • Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • Affiliate Faculty, Penn State Law

Email: rkl5319@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Messaging efficacy during pandemics, osteopathic manipulative therapies for the treatment of chronic migraine, using folate derivatives to reduce oxidative stress in living tissue, therapies to reduce opioid use in persons with chronic pain and bioethics

Website: Visit Robert's Website


Runze Li


Runze Li

  • Verne M. Willaman Professor of Statistics
  • Professor of Public Health
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Statistics

Email: ril4@psu.edu

Research Focuses: High dimensional statistical modeling and algorithms for high dimensional/volume data

Website: Visit Runze's Website


John Liechty


John Liechty

  • Professor of Marketing
  • Professor of Statistics
  • ICDS Affiliate

Department: Statistics, Marketing

Email: jcl12@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Large scale Bayesian computation with application in marketing and finance

Website: Visit John's Website



Mehrdad Mahdavi

  • Assistant Professor
  • Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
  • ICDS Affiliate

Department: Computer Science and Education

Email: mahdavi@cse.psu.edu

Research Focuses: Computational and statistical machine learning, and design and analysis of randomized algorithms with a focus on Large-scale machine learning, Statistical learning theory, adversarial learning theory, convex and non-convex optimization and computational learning theory, distributed optimization and applications of machine learning.

Website: Visit Mehrdad's Website


Shaun Mahony


Shaun Mahony

  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Email: sam77@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Computational biology, machine learning approaches for understanding gene regulation

Website: Visit Shaun's Website


Edward O'Brien


Edward O’Brien

  • Professor of Chemistry
  • ICDS Co-Hire

Department: Chemistry

Email: epo2@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Ribosome-associated protein folding, macromolecular self-assembly and chaperone interactions in living cells

Website: Visit Edward's Website



Shashank Priya

  • Associate Vice President for Research
  • Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Email: sup103@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Bio-inspired Materials, Energy Harvesting, Multi-functional Materials, Wireless Power Transfer

Website: Visit Shashank's Website



Sarah Rajtmajer

  • Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Information Sciences and Technology

Email: smr48@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Machine Learning, Network Science, Game Theory, Privacy and Security

Website: Visit Sarah's Website



Matthew Reimherr

  • Associate Professor of Statistics

Department: Department of Statistics

Email: mlr36@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Functional Data Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Statistical Genetics, Data Privacy

Website: Visit Matthew's Website



Wes Reinhart

  • Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • ICDS Co-Hire

Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Email: reinhart@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Research interest includes engineered materials, statistical mechanics, and light-matter interactions, software prototyping and algorithm design for many computing architectures.

Website: Visit Wes's Website



Justin Silverman

  • Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
  • ICDS Co-Hire

Email: Justin.Silverman@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Justin's work focuses on longitudinal modeling and experimental design of host-associated microbiota surveys.

Website: Visit Justin's Website


Aleksanda Slavkovic


Aleksandra Slavkovic

  • Professor of Statistics
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Statistics

Email: sesa@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Usability evaluation methods, human performance in virtual environments, statistical data mining, application of statistics to social sciences, algebraic statistics, and statistical approaches to confidentiality and data disclosure

Website: Visit Aleksandra's Website



Martin Sliwinski

  • Director, Center for Healthy Aging
  • Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Department: Human Development and Family Studies

Email: mjs56@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Aging and health, cognition, dementia risk, stress, and emotion regulation

Website: Visit Martin's Website



Hyebin Song

  • Assistant Professor of Statistics

Department: Statistics

Email: hps5320@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Statistical Learning, High-dimensional Statistics, Statistical Computing

Website: Visit Hyebin's Website



José Soto

  • Associate Professor of Psychology

Email: jas95@psu.edu

Research Focuses: My research focuses on understanding the intersections of culture, health, and emotion, especially as it relates to the creation and maintenance of disparities in health, well-being, and other markers of social inequality. I am also interested in those factors that promote or inhibit engagement with social justice matters and the creation of diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces in academia and the community.

Website: Visit José's Website



Wen-Jan Tuan

  • Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine
  • ICDS Affiliate

Department: College of Medicine

Email: wkt5075@psu.edu

Research Focuses: bioinformatics and health services research, evidence-based strategies and policy for supporting patient-centered care continuum and teamwork, value-driven decision making processes and health information technology, and telehealth adoption in ambulatory care settings

Website: Visit Wen-Jan's Website


Adri van Duin

van Duin

Adri van Duin

  • Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
  • ICDS Associate

Department: Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Email: acv13@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Reactive force fields; computational methods in materials; hydrocarbons; all-carbon materials; nitramines; proteins; semiconductors; transition metals

Website: Visit Adri's Website



Suhang Wang

  • Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
  • ICDS Affiliate

Department: College of Information Sciences and Technology

Email: szw494@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Graph Mining

Website: Visit Suhang's Website


Qingyun Wu


Qingyun Wu

  • Assistant Professor
  • ICDS Associate

Department: College of Information Sciences and Technology

Email: qxw5138@psu.edu

Research Focuses: Reinforcement Learning, Automated Machine Learning

Website: Visit Qingyun's Website



Aleksandra Zgierska

  • Jeanne L. and Thomas L. Leaman, MD, Endowed Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • Professor of Public Health Sciences
  • Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Email: akz5194@psu.edu

Research Focuses: improving health outcomes in addiction, pain, and other impactful conditions

Website: Visit Aleksandra's Website