Sponsorship Opportunities at the Fall 2023 ICDS Symposium

The Symposium is a significant undertaking that requires the support of administration as well as many faculty and staff volunteers. Sponsorship funds are used to cover various costs of the Symposium. Check out the sponsorship options to find out how you can get involved and make the most out of your ICDS Symposium experience.

For more information, contact Todd Price, ICDS corporate relations director for research, at tup77@psu.edu or 814-867-3738.

Sponsor Benefits

The ICDS Symposium is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand among faculty, students, and other computational and data scientists from multiple Penn State campuses.

Recruitment & Collaboration

The Student Poster session showcases talented researcher in the computational and data sciences, from the basic sciences to applied sciences to social sciences and beyond. You will have the chance to chat with these innovative individuals about their unique approaches to science and utilizing data. You will get a sense of whether students would fit into your organization and see if faculty could be collaborators with your organization’s researchers.


There’s no other event like the ICDS Symposium at Penn State. Researchers from 50+ disciplines will gather to learn about new and innovative science approaches—providing you with a strategic opportunity to get your name in front of participants, ranging from meals and swag to hosting one of our meals.

Giving Back

The ICDS Symposium helps students and researchers connect with interdisciplinary collaborators, as well as new partners from government and industry. Your contribution ensures that ICDS can continue hosting this event and provide additional opportunities to advance computational and data sciences across many disciplines.

Company logo displayed at event
Company logo included in pre-event advertising materials
Participation in industry networking event
Attend post-event briefing
Sponsor poster session
Sponsor Evening Reception
Sponsorship Cost$5,000$4,000$2,000$1,000

Become a Sponsor

If you’re ready to discuss partnering with ICDS through a sponsorship, contact Todd Price, ICDS corporate relations director for research, at tup77@psu.edu or 814-867-3738.

ICDS Fall 2023 Symposium Sponsors