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Data Science Research Talks – Genomics and Telescope Images

Date: Wednesday, September 22

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Online

Join the Penn State Data Science Community to learn more about data science work happening throughout the University. This talk will feature:

Big Data Squared: Imaging Genomics
Presenter: Nicole Lazar, Professor of Statistics
About: In this talk, I will briefly discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise from the consideration of two Big Data modalities – neuroimaging and genetic information – and what can be gained from their combination. This is an example of “Big Data Squared” as each modality on its own constitutes a Big Data problem.

Making Images with Radio Telescope Interferometers
Presenter: Ian Czekala, Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and ICDS Co-Hire
About: Radio interferometric arrays, like the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) and the Very Large Array (VLA), work by correlating the signals from multiple antennas to mimic a larger diameter telescope. We will discuss how we are meeting some of the challenges of modern radio interferometery using Regularized Maximum Likelihood image reconstruction algorithms and neural network representations of protoplanetary disks to learn how planet formation proceeds in solar systems across our Galaxy.

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