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D.Eng. program seeking researchers interested in advising students

Posted on July 11, 2024

The Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.) in Engineering program is seeking researchers interested in advising advanced, highly motivated, post-master’s students who are supported by their organizations. 

The online, Penn State World Campus 45-credit program will provide researchers the opportunity to advise, mentor and publish with students who are advanced in their careers; research multidisciplinary real-world industry problems; expand research efforts and use expertise across different disciplines; enhance collaboration; and connect with faculty and advisers from other Penn State campuses and colleges as well as engaging with government, corporate and industry partners. 

“The D.Eng. program has a rigorous research component that results in a praxis rather than a dissertation,” Sven Bilén, professor, School of Engineering Design and Innovation and director of the D.Eng. Program. “Dissertations are usually the culmination of research into a new fundamental discovery … the praxis is the application of that fundamental knowledge to practical problems in a new or novel way.” 

Students will have proposed a praxis problem as part of their application into the program, and faculty profiles and research interests will be collected from participants through a survey. From those findings, students will be matched with researchers.  

“We work together to find the right match for both the student and faculty. Of particular relevance to ICDS faculty, many D.Eng. students are looking at applications of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and/or data analytics to their proposed research,” Bilén said. “It could be drug discovery, electrical power grids, manufacturing … a lot of times they will be in a certain field and looking to see how these new tools can be applied to the field. They are applying computational tools to interdisciplinary domains that they are in. Students are engaged in impactful research.” 

Faculty researchers will have the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research. They will be able to collaborate and network with other researchers and students of different domains, expertise and research interests, according to Joanna F. DeFranco, associate director of the D.Eng. program, associate professor of software engineering. 

“The D.Eng. program can also be an opportunity to collaborate with other Penn State campuses,” DeFranco said. “It’s an opportunity to use their expertise in a different research domain, advise students and network with other faculty, and connect with industry.” 

“We are looking forward to meeting the new and current faculty that are interested and happy to meet with anyone who wants more information about the program,” Bilén said. 

An orientation for advisers to learn about the program and get to know the students will be taking place starting at noon on Thursday, Aug. 22 in Engineering Design and Innovation Building, rooms to be determined. The event will also take place via Zoom at 

For more information on the program, contact DeFranco at


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