The ICDS Symposium Poster Session is live online now, and presenters will be giving short elevator pitches about their research at the networking mixer.

View the Poster Session

Visit the Symposium Poster Session online to view presentations.

Congratulations to the Poster Session Winners!

Congratulations to these students, and thank you to everyone who submitted a poster this year!

Elevator Pitch Schedule

At the networking mixer, poster presenters will be giving “elevator pitches” about their research, starting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 6, at the Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center.

The order of elevator pitches is:

NameProgram of StudyPresentation Title (Click to View Poster)
Arif MasrurGeography"Interpretable machine learning for analysing heterogeneous drivers of geographic events in space time"
Arindam DebnathMaterials Science and Engineering"Inverse design of high entropy alloys with exceptional properties using generative deep learning"
Erica MiInformation Sciences and Technology"Supporting COVID-19 PPE Allocation through Interactive Visual Dashboard"
Harman SinghGeography"Examining the Nature of Complex Urban Flooding through a Mixed-Method Approach: A Case from Kerala, India"
Jason NucciaroneHuman-Centered Design and Development"Jespipe: A plugin-based, Open MPI framework for adversarial machine learning analysis"
Joseph MolnarMechanical Engineering"Bayesian Scientific Machine Learning for Flow Field Tomography with Uncertainty Quantification"
Kyle DomicoComputer Science"A Machine Learning and Computer Vision Approach to Geomagnetic Storm Prediction"
Nitheesha NakkaPolitical Science and Social Data Analytics"The Racial and Gender Divide in Toxic Online Messages Towards Politicians: A New Mexico Case Study"
Renkai MaInformatics“ 'It’s hard to wrap your head around black-box algorithms': human-centered meaning of algorithmic transparency and fairness in content moderation.
Samantha RothStatistics"Comparison of Bayesian hierarchical models using PICAR-based spatial basis function approach identifies model that achieves low prediction error, accounts for spatial correlation and achieves comparatively, extendable to obtain future projections"
Vishnu KumarIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering"Machine Learning Based Suicide Prediction and Development of Suicide Vulnerability Index for US Counties"
Yajie WuBioRenewable Systems"Optimization and Evaluation of Lignin Valorization Superstructure"
Yalan SongCivil Engineering"Deep Learning for Solving Shallow Water Equations"
Yu-Hsin ChenIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering"Predicting Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Health Claims Data in Young Children"
Cheng Chen (unable to present)Mass Communication"Combating Algorithmic Bias: Should AI Media Show and Tell, to Gain User Trust?"

Poster and Presentation Formats

The fall 2021 poster session will be held online using a platform called Symposium. We require both a standard PDF and a video of your presentation. To be eligible for prizes, students 

Poster PDF specifications: 48 inches x 36 inches or 36 inches x 48 inches. Feel free to design this in any application you would like, but please make sure you submit a PDF of the final design. If you are new to this, we suggest using Microsoft PowerPoint. Note that you will need to manually change the size of your slides; refer to Microsoft’s instructions for more information.

Video submission: Submitters will need to record a 3- to 5-minute video providing an overview of their poster. If you are new to this, we suggest using Zoom to record your video. These videos must be uploaded to YouTube in order to use the Symposium platform.

In-Person presentation: To be eligible for cash prizes and a free cloth poster, students are expected to give a one-minute elevator pitch about their research at an outdoor, in-person networking mixer. The mixer will take place from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 6, in the Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center on the University Park campus. Contact Patrick Dudas at for more information.

Collecting Your Poster

Cloth posters can be picked up during the networking reception of the Symposium (the in-person presentation).

Poster Judging

This year, judging will only be done using the video submissions. No judging will take place at the live event. The winner will be announced at the event, but winners do not need to be present to collect their prize. There will be two prizes, one for $500 and one for $200. Those who win will have the prize amount deposited into their Penn State Bursar account


Any student—graduate or undergraduate—may submit a research poster. The research should have significant data science or computational science component to be considered. Faculty may submit posters but won’t be eligible for poster judging or prizes.


Two students will be awarded cash prizes of $500 for 1st prize and $200 for 2nd prize.

Dates and Deadlines

  • September 22 – Submit both the PDF and video
  • September 27 through October 1 – Faculty will judge the videos provided by the students
  • October 6 or 7 – Students will present their posters at the ICDS Symposium
  • October 7 – Winners will be announced at the ICDS Symposium

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