Tentative Agenda:

Wednesday October 18th – Afternoon Session

12:30 pmWelcome and Opening RemarksDr. Jenni Evans
12:45 pm KeynoteBob Coeck, Quantinuum
1:45 pmThe Past, Present and Future of Quantum ComputingCoordinated by Dr. Mahmut Kandemir
Moderated by: Dr. Sarah Shandera
2:45 pmBreak
3:00 pmPenn State's AI HubDr. David Hunter
4:00 pmAfternoon Session Concludes

Wednesday October 18th – Evening Session

5:30 pmEvening Reception Begins
6:00 pmPoster Session
8:00 pmEvents Conclude

Thursday October 19th

9:00 amWelcome and Opening RemarksDr. Jenni Evans, Dr. Andrew Read
9:30 amKeynoteDr. Samantha Kleinberg, Associate Professor, Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science, Department of Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology
10:30 amBreakLight refreshments available
10:45 amNavigating the Promises and Pitfalls of Generative AICoordinated by Dr. Vasant Honavar
11:45 amLunch
1:15 pmRemarksProvost Justin Schwartz
1:30 pmKeynoteDr. Vipin Kumar, Regents Professor and William Norris Endowed Chair, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Director, CSE Data Science Initiative, University of Minnesota
2:30 pmBreak
2:35 pmLighting Talks from Posters
2:45 pmImmersive Technologies as a Catalysis for Advancing Research and IndustryCoordinated by Dr. Jessica Menold
3:45 pmDiscovery to Impact: Storytelling SessionCoordinated by Dr. Patrick Dudas
4:45 pmClosing Remarks
5:00 pmEvent Concludes

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