Wednesday October 18th

1:45pm – The Past, Present and Future of Quantum Computing

Coordinated by Dr. Mahmut Kandemir
Moderated by Dr. Sarah Shandera

This panel brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds to discuss the current state of quantum computing, bottlenecks it faces, and what needs to be done to realize the promise of quantum computing in addressing the challenging problems that cannot be addressed by existing compute paradigms. 

Zheng (Eddy) Zhang, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University
Bryce Gadway, Professor of Physics, Eberly College of Science, Penn State University
Chunhao Wang, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Penn State
Xiantao Li, Professor of Mathematics, Penn State University

3:00 pm – Penn State’s AI Hub

Coordinated and Moderated by Dr. David Hunter

After an introduction to the AI Hub and its philosophy, this panel will highlight some of the many facets of AI work taking place at Penn State by hearing from representatives of four AI-themed centers.  (Representatives subject to change.)

Vasant Honavar, representing CENSAI
Shyam Sundar, representing CSRAI
Abhinav Verma, representing CAFÉ
Gretta Kellogg, representing AIMI

Thursday October 19th 2023

10:45 am – Navigating the Promises and Pitfalls of Generative AI

Coordinated by Dr. Vasant Honavar

Recent advances in generative AI have led to the advent of large language models that can produce text on a variety of topics, images and videos, music, paintings, buildings, molecular structures, among others. Such models offer unprecedented potential for innovation and co-creation of content through creative partnership between humans and AI.  The power of generative AI comes from its ability to learn from large amounts of data, including copyrighted and proprietary information. Generative AI is prone to hallucination, catastrophic forgetting, and many other drawbacks that limit its use in applications where the accuracy and trustworthiness of information is paramount. Generative AI is already being used to produce deep fakes with tremendous potential to spread mistrust,  misinformation, and chaos, and cause societal harm. Legal, regulatory, and ethical frameworks for maximizing the benefits of Generative AI while minimizing its potential harm are largely missing. Against this background, this panel of interdisciplinary experts will explore ways to navigate the promises and pitfalls of generative AI.

Daryl Lim, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation; Founding Director, Intellectual Property Law and Innovation Initiative, Penn State Dickinson Law, Penn State University
Shomir Wilson, Assistant Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State
Wes Reinhart, Material Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

2:45 pm – Immersive Technologies as a Catalyst for Advancing Research and Industry

Coordinated by Dr. Jessica Menold

This panel will bring together leading experts across the field of immersive technologies. The panel will explore cutting edge research and critical topics for the adoption and use of immersive technologies in the coming years. Leading researchers across Penn State and industry experts will join us for this engaging discussion

Scarlett Miller, Professor of Engineering Design and Industrial Engineering, Penn State University
Travis Masterson, MS, PhD Broadhurst Career Development Professor for the Study of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Director of the Health, Ingestive Behavior, and Technology Laboratory, Penn State University.
Matthew Mueller, PhD, Manager, Education Innovation, PTC Education
Shayna Solis,  CEO, Navteca


3:45 pm – Discovery to Impact: Storytelling Session

Coordinated by Dr. Patrick Dudas

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” This panel brings four members of Penn State who have had success in their careers in multiple facets that have positively affected communities locally and abroad. With both ups and downs along the way, this session aims to allow them to talk about their journeys and allow for a greater conversation about the steps along the way. Also, discuss where they foresee the course of their efforts growing and developing as the rest of their stories play out. 

Christina Grozinger, Ph.D., Publius Vergilius Maro Professor of Entomology, Director, Center for Pollinator Research, Insect Biodiversity Center, Associate Director for Research, Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science
David Hughes, Huck Chair in Global Food Security; Professor of Entomology and of Biology, Penn State
Anthony Robinson, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of Online Geospatial Education Programs at Penn State
Lynette Yarger, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University

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