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Overview – Submitting Jobs to Roar

NOTE: The Roar cluster is a restricted data environment and is used only for the storage and analysis of protected data. Access to the Roar cluster is available only through a paid allocation; most users should use the Roar Collab cluster for general computing and data storage needs.

The “batch” portion of Roar, is used to submit jobs to dedicated resources. It has the hostname

and can be logged into using ssh. Users will be placed on a head node, which is not intended for heavy processing. The head node should only be used to submit jobs.

Typically, a job submission script including the resource requests and the commands is submitted. A job scheduler will wait until dedicated resources are available for this job. Jobs are submitted either to the Open Queue allocation, which any Penn State student/faculty/staff are able to use, or to a paid allocation. Jobs are typically submitted with the qsub command:

qsub subScript.pbs

Users  connecting with ssh are encouraged to use the secure x-window forwarding flag (-Y) if x-windows will be used during the session. Note that the screen may not show * symbols for each keystroke when your password is being entered. (In this example, the username is “abc123”.)

ssh -Y