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AIMI fellow to moderate session at AI Era in Finance Symposium

Posted on May 30, 2024

Financial industry professionals, beginner researchers, and members of upper-level academia are coming together to create connections through the AI Era in Finance Symposium hosted by The Friends of Women in Finance in Greater New York on June 6 at Pace University in New York City. 

“This is a new organization [The Friends of Women in Finance in GNY], initiated to enhance networking for women in the industry,” said Nonna Sorokina, one of the conference organizers, an Assistant Professor of Business/Finance and a fellow at the Penn State Center for Applications of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to Industry (AIMI). “We are happy to include anyone who wants to promote women in finance. It’s a big issue in this industry; women are severely underrepresented, and the purpose is to bring in more representation.” 

The AIMI-sponsored symposium, designed to support and promote research, foster connections and bring industry and academia together, will feature “high quality academic papers that were presented at top conferences,” according to Sorokina. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals, investment professionals and top managers, and professors and researchers will lead discussions. Presentation sessions and a panel discussion will provide ample room for networking.  

The full-length paper presentations include “The time is Now: Advancing Fairness in Lending through Machine Learning,” Vitaly Meursault, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; “Does Democratized Information Access Demand Democratized AI? A Tale of the Rich, the Poor and the AI (ChatGPT) in Earnings Calls,” Anne Change, Baruch College-City University of New York; and “Macroeconomic Content of Characteristics-based Asset Pricing Models: A Machine Learning Analysis,” Oleg Rytchkov, Temple University. 

Steven W. Poser, Director of Research at NYSE will moderate the panel discussion focused on how academia and industry can work together in the AI Era of Finance. The panelists include distinguished professionals Suresh Koppisetti, Director of AI/ML at NYSE;, Sheedsa Ali, Managing Director, Head of Quantitative Equities, Portfolio Manager of PineBridge Investments; Revant Nayar, Chief Innovation Officer, Quantum Intelligence Systems; Pawel Polak, assistant professor, department of applied mathematics and statistics, Stony Brook University, Stan Uryasev, professor and Frey Family Endowed Chair of Quantitative Finance, Stony Brook University; and Milind Sharma, QuanZ Machine Intelligence Technologies. 

Sorokina will moderate a breakout session titled “Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance” alongside other academic professionals from Pace University and Stony Brook University. 

“This is great,” Sorokina said. “Beginners will have the opportunity to interact with these top-level professionals… it’s wonderful for the purpose of networking. I’m excited about meeting new people and discussing how industry and academia can be better connected. I look forward to seeing many exciting projects started after engaging at the symposium.” 

To learn more about the event, or if you’re interested in participating in the event as an industry professional, contact 



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