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CAREERS Project Seeks Student Research Facilitators

Posted on April 10, 2024

Are you a student interested in machine learning? Do you have experience using python? Do you enjoy independent work? CAREERS (Cyberteam to Advance Research and Education in Eastern Regional Schools) Cyberteam, a 3-year initiative led by Yale University and funded by National Science Foundation, is seeking undergraduate and graduate students to assist in one of four 3-month computational research projects utilizing those skills and interests.  

Student Research Facilitators, aided by an experienced faculty member, will be matched with faculty PIs to assist in one of the four projects. Students that are chosen to participate in these research projects will receive a stipend for their efforts.

The projects include collecting data to develop textual analyses-based routines to analyze gender gap in bankruptcy filings and simulate consumer reactions to inflation news, as well as looking at how biases can show up in dataset sampling or model performances against protected groups/individuals and comparing fairness libraries created by big companies in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Another project will look at five English-speaking West African countries, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, and will use econometric and machine learning models to compare the inflow of foreign direct investments and remittances to this economic bloc to understand the impact of both to the region, according to the CAREERS Cyberteam website.  

This research opportunity has limited space. Those interested should send a resume or a brief statement of interest to Carrie Brown, advanced cyberinfrastructure research and education facilitator, at


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