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Optical images of the wave of spreading depolarization in the brain, left; the speeding up and drawing to the surface of the wave with negative current, middle; and the confinement of the wave with arrest of the propagation, right. Image: Schiff Lab/Penn State

ICS Affiliate working in team to better understand migraine origins

Posted on July 17, 2018

Bruce J. Gluckman, an ICS affiliate, Penn State professor and associate director of the Center for Neural Engineering, is working with fellow Penn State researchers and an international team to learn more about migraines and their origins. The team has not cured migraines yet, but they are working on understanding the mechanisms which cause these types of headaches. Steven J. Schiff, Brush Chair professor of engineering and director of Center for Neural Engineering, and Andrew J. Whalen, postdoctoral scholar, Center for Neural Engineering are a part of the Penn State team. Learn more about this research on Penn State News.


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