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New Free Roar Collab Resource- Short Run High Resource Jobs

Posted on May 31, 2024

ICDS is pleased to announce a new free offering, available to all Roar Collab users for a limited time. The new Roar Collab “short partition” will allow users to submit short run jobs utilizing up to 4X the resources available through the Open Queue.

“Users will be able to access a larger number of cores,” Carrie Brown, Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences (ICDS) research computing facilitator. “This will be beneficial for testing purposes as well as highly-parallelized jobs that don’t need long run times. Users will be able to do a lot of different jobs with shorter runs.”

The details:

  • Submit jobs using sbatch -p short .
  • Request up to 400 cores and 3200GB of total memory.
  • Limited to 1 hour of runtime per job; jobs will not be preempted and will run to completion.
  • Not available through the Open OnDemand portal.
  • Jobs submitted to this queue do not count against your paid allocation.


Please note: This special queue will only be available until the August 16th Roar Collab outage.


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