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Transferring Data to and from Roar Collab

Users can transfer files to and from Roar Collab using traditional command line tools such as `rsync` and `scp` or graphical applications such as WinSCP or Filezilla.  Users can access Roar Collab with these methods via the hostname:

 Using Globus to Transfer Files 

Users can also use Globus for robust, user-friendly file transfers between Roar, Roar Collab, Nearline storage, and personal machines. Established Globus endpoints are available on ICDS’s data manager nodes for optimized data transfer speeds. 

ICDS offers the following endpoints for Globus users: 

ResourceFile System AccessEndpoint Name(s)
RoarScratch, Home, Work, Group/Active, Nearline PennState_ICS-ACI_DTN_EndPnt_01
Roar CollabHome, Work, Group/Active PennState_ICDS_RC
Roar CollabArchiveArchive_PennState_ICDS

To transfer data between established endpoints, like those specified in the table above, please see How to Login In and Transfer Files with Globus. 

To transfer data to and from and a personal machine or lab server, please see the documentation on installing and configuring Globus Connect Personal: