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Details on the Roar Collab Open Queue

All Penn State students, faculty and staff are able to run on the Roar Collab  “open queue” on for no charge. Jobs submitted to the open queue run using idle computing resources. That means the jobs you submit to this queue do not count against your paid allocation.

The current limits per user on the open queue are:

  • 100 jobs pending
  • 100 cores executing jobs at any given time
  • 800G total memory across all jobs
  • 48-hour job wall-times

Jobs requiring more time or processors than this are required to run on an allocation.

Jobs running on the Open Queue are placed on available compute nodes not being used by the group with an allocation reservation on that node. If a group does require these resources, the running open queue jobs are pre-empted and as a result canceled.

An alternative to pre-empted jobs resulting in cancelation is to add the –requeue directive to your batch submission script. This will result in pre-empted jobs being canceled and then resubmitted.