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Using a Paid Allocation on Roar Collab

To run jobs on dedicated allocations on Slurm, first specify the allocation, and then specify whether to run the job in “sla-prio” or “burst” partition.

The sla-prio (or “service level agreement priority”) partition gives your job priority status according to your SLA or paid allocation.

The “burst” partition allows your job to utilize up to 4 times the resources allocated in your SLA.

For example, to run on a dedicated allocation in the sla-prio partition, include the following directives in the submit script: 

#SBATCH --account=<sla_id> 
#SBATCH --partition=sla-prio 

Note: Resource requests must fit the allocation specifications, or the job will not start. 

To utilize burst, change partition to “burst” and include the “qos” directive to specify how much to burst. You may specify “burst2x,” “burst3x,” or “burst4x” to use 2, 3, or 4 times the resources, respectively. For example, to burst to 4 times the allocated resources use the following: 

#SBATCH --account=<sla_id> 
#SBATCH --partition=burst 
#SBATCH --qos=burst4x