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File Storage on Roar Collab

There are several file storage options for users, each with their own quotas and retention policies. These are available for users to optimize for specific purposes.

Please note that while both Roar and Roar Collab have similar file storage locations. These are independent file systems and files cannot be accessed between clusters. Information on transferring files between Roar, Roar Collab, and Nearline storage can be found in Transferring Data to and from Roar Collab.

StorageLocationQuotaBackup Policy
Home/storage/home/ 16 GB
500,000 files
Daily snapshot
Work/storage/work/ 128 GB
1 million files
Daily snapshot
Scratch/scratch No space quota
1 million files
No backup
Files purged after 30 days
Group/storage/group/ Allocation dependent Daily snapshot

Group storage directories are created when an active storage allocation is established. If you are interested in setting up a storage or compute allocation, please contact us at for more information.