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Managing Your Paid Allocation on Roar Collab

If you have a paid allocation on Roar Collab, these procedures can help you monitor your account balance and adjust access and admin privileges.


Check your compute balance

Use the “mybalance” command. For example:

$ mybalance 

Project                     Limit         Used      Balance  Resource Limits 

--------------------  -----------    ---------     --------  --------------- 

dml129-engagement          67200.0      11530.7      55669.3  cpu=40,gres/gpu=0,mem=320G 

dml129-engagement_gpu      80640.0          0.0      80640.0  cpu=48,gres/gpu=2,mem=384G 

gctest                                     81.3               cpu=48,gres/gpu=2,mem=384G 

open                                   387156.4                

sctest                                      9.2               cpu=24,mem=192G 

Check your storage balance

Use “check_storage_quotas.”


Check the accounts associated with a user

Use the “sacctmgr” command. For example:

sacctmgr -s show account format=Account%20,grptres%30,GrpCPUMins,qos%30 where account=<account name> where user='' 


       Account                        GrpTRES  GrpCPUMins                            QOS                Descr  

-------------------- ------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------ --------------------  

   dml129-engagement     cpu=40,gres/gpu=0,mem=320G     4032000 burst2x,burst3x,burst4x,normal           [ntype=sc] 


Add or remove coordinators

Coordinators are users with administrative abilities over user access. The coordinator can add or remove users from a paid allocation. 

By default, the coordinator of an allocation is the faculty sponsor. Existing coordinators can add or remove other coordinators.  

IMPORTANT: Because coordinators can manage both user and coordinator access to the allocation, please exercise restraint when granting coordinator permissions. 

To add a user as a coordinator, use the command `sacctmgr`: 

$ sacctmgr add coordinator account=<sla_id> name=<user_id> 

 To remove an existing coordinator: 

$ sacctmgr remove coordinator account=<sla_id> name=<user_id> 


Add or remove users to an allocation

Active coordinators can add and remove user access to paid allocations using the sacctmgr command as well. To add a user to an SLA, the command would be: 

$ sacctmgr add user account=<sla_id> name=<user_id> 

 To remove a user’s access to an allocation, the coordinator would use the command: 

$ sacctmgr remove user account=<sla_id> name=<user_id>